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Yeni Salinas, Administrative Assistant


Yeni Salinas is employed as an administrative assistant to Hal Collums. She has worked for Hal Collums construction since the summer of 2006 when the company was still operating out of the FEMA trailers post Katrina. Having just moved from New York this was Yeni’s first job in the field of construction. Every day she learned new things and gathered knowledge in the construction field. Hal Collums Construction gave her the opportunity to grow in which ever direction she desired. In 2008 Yeni was promoted from her first position in accounts payable to administrative assistant for Hal Collums. Her responsibilities include reviewing all correspondence, coordinating meetings, handling Mr. Hal’s hectic schedule and ensuring his day runs smoothly. Another part of her job consists of assisting project managers, estimator and office personnel with any issues that may need immediate action.
“Working at Hal Collums Construction is a growing process and every day is new and exciting. It’s a place where we get to build impressive architectural woodwork and restore the beauty of New Orleans historic homes. It’s been three years and five month’s since I have been at Hal Collums Construction and it feels like it was yesterday that I got hired. Like that saying goes “time flies when you are having fun”.” Yeni Salinas