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When the appliance is bigger than the door opening!

An event this week reminded me of a crazy problem some friends of mine had several years ago when they relocated from New Orleans to a townhouse in Washington DC. Perry Bird, who was the Director of Christmas In October and his partner Richard Martin relocated to Washington DC, Perry had accepted a job with the National Christmas In July non-profit. I went to visit and see their cool Washington townhouse. “What a great place!” I said, “but why is the refrigerator in the Dining Room?” ” We can’t get the damn thing through any door!  Our neighbors came over and we moved it around the block and tried to come through the back and through this door It won’t go in!” I thought that must have been comical since townhouse share their side wall, so to get to the back yard you literally have to go around the block! As I laughed Perry stated that the day they were doing it, there wasn’t much humor involved.scratching_head-300x253

This week a similar situation happened to myself and a client while working on a renovation project here in New Orleans, but before we started moving the large Sub-Zero, Max Mendoza came up with a simple solution, we had some tight corners to clear, so after measuring and everything still looked too tight, Max replicated the large Sub-Zero using the cardboard from the box it came in, guiding the cardboard through the door openings and around the corners, we easily determined that one frame needed to be removed. This saved us so much back breaking moving of the refrigerator twice. I still picture Perry and friends circling the block with their side by side!