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Reclaimed Heart Pine Roof for an Exterior Kitchen


homeowner in St John the Baptist Parish contracted Collums Construction to build a reclaimed heart pine beam and roof system for his beautiful open air exterior kitchen. The center piece of the kitchen was a large fireplace and cooker with a brick chimney. The floor was concrete slab with a brick veneer.

He had framed a conventional cathedral framed hip roof supported by a series of masonry columns. Our job was to add on reclaimed heart pine under the existing roof structure to give the appearance that the entire structure was made from the reclaimed heart pine beams with a reclaimed heart pine deck above.

This proved to be a woodworking challenge since the beam-to-beam connections had to fit precisely and appear to be structural while needing to be securely attached to the actual structure without that being apparent. Our top class woodworkers fit the historic wood perfectly and the photos attest to their skills.