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Port Sulphur Pass-through Window

Collums Construction and Central City Millworks worked hand in hand on the Port Sulphur project. Central City Millworks fabricated cabinets and countertops for two separate break rooms, a pass through window, and a service counter. They were all designed on the computer, and then sent to our CNC router to be cut. After cutting the pieces on the machine they were assembled in our New Orleans millworks shop then sent out to the jobsite. Collums Construction handled the installation. After installing the cabinets, the countertops are fabricated in place. The laminates chosen for this project were Wilsonart Fusion Maple and Mysted Zephyr. This process went pretty smoothly except for one hiccup. We were to follow ADA guidelines for this project therefore putting the top of the counter at 34 ½” instead of the typical 36” finish height. The owners and the architect decided on an idea which I have never seen done before but seems to be a great compromise. The areas that would need to be accessible for the handicapped were done to ADA standards, but other sections were left at normal height to accommodate others. The overall look added depth to the counters and turned out looking very cool.
Central City Millworks created this custom pass through window

Central City Millworks created this custom pass through window

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