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Painting 101 – Touch-up Tips

When you need to do touch-up painting, there are a few things to keep in mind to minimize any noticeable touch up marks. Here are a few helpful hints.

Colorful New Orleans French Quarter Condo

The ideal situation is to use leftover paint from the last application. If you do not have leftover paint, then you need to touch up with everything being the exact same as the original application.

For example: it seems obvious that you want to make sure to use the same color, but also important is the use of the same sheen, such as eggshell or flat.  And to help ensure the best possible match,  try to take the extra step of using the exact same product, i.e.,  Sherwin Williams 200, or 400.

Not as obvious, but very important, is to always buy from the same store. And even though you may not feel you have a need for it, you may need to buy a full gallon. Paint tint machines can vary slightly from store to store much the same as a fountain coke tastes a little different from one restaurant to the next.  Also many light colors are formulated for one gallon measurement in the original formula. If they have a 1/64oz of tint in the gallon it cannot be broken down to 1/256 oz of tint for a quart, therefore a small amount will be rounded down creating a noticeable color difference.  Try to apply the paint in the same manner, such as roller or brush.

Higher sheens do not touch up as well as lower sheen paint. In the same way, a higher sheen will show more imperfections in a wall or ceiling than a lower sheen.

Another helpful hint is to paint corner-to-corner if you have a slight color variation. Any break, like a molding , door casing, or corner will be enough to make any color variation