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Custom Cabinet and Wall Panel Design

Collums Construction and Central City Millworks was contracted to design and build a custom cabinet, desks in multiple areas, and a wall panel system for a condominium on Notre Dame Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Desk area

The challenges of the design included fabricating hanging shelves for the desk areas with concealed support mechanisms while ensuring that the design would securely handle anticipated loads that would be placed on the shelves.

After evaluating various methods of hanging the shelves, Collums Construction developed a design to incorporate steel mounts attached to the studs on the inside of the wall. The concealed system involved various brackets and a three-sided box located at the back of the shelves to contain the concealed system.


After developing mock-ups, Central City Millworks determined that the design met load bearing requirements and remained concealed from sight. Production of the system proceeded and Collums Construction handled the installation.