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Collums Construction Crafts Nike “Pop-Up Store” for NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans



In mid-January 2014, Collums Construction LLC was contacted by New York designers Tangram Exhibitors International, representing Nike and Air Jordan, to build a “pop-up store” for the NBA All-Star Game scheduled for February 16 in New Orleans Louisiana. During All-Star Week New Orleans will be the center of the basketball world. The heart of the New Orleans entertainment world will be, as always, Bourbon Street.

Obviously, Nike realized this and commissioned a “pop-up-store” at the gateway of Bourbon that will house a new 2000 sq ft Air Jordan retail shop at the corner of Bourbon St and Canal. Additionally, they have acquired the adjacent storefront that will house the Nike Pinnacle Boutique, a 1200 sq ft completely updated space to highlight part of Nike’s collection.

Our biggest asset is our dedicated and skilled workforce

Collums Construction was a natural choice for these projects. Equipped with an experienced and skilled workforce, a 30,000 sq ft facility five minutes from Bourbon, and a sister company with CNC capabilities to digitally fabricate the 80’ facade designed by Tangram, Collums Construction was well suited to achieve the look that Nike and Tangram desired.
Since both retail shops had to be completely remodeled and ready for customers in less than 2 weeks, this project presented itself with added demands that Collums Construction was ready and able to face. The biggest challenge was the incredible fast track schedule with CC being awarded the project just one day prior to construction beginning. Working with the client, Tangram, as the designers, our staff of project managers, estimators, and fabricators was able to collaborate with Tangram as the project evolved from concept into the finished store. The goal was to create an eye-popping storefront that will be sure to catch the attention of anyone walking the streets of Bourbon and Canal.

The design and nature of the project required CC to make special considerations. Since these “pop-up stores” were only going to function during the week of the All-Star Game, design and construction choices had to be made to ensure quick and economical fabrication as well as achieving the look of a sleek factory-finished retail store. And when it’s all done, all work needs to be taken down without doing any permanent damage to the historic building. In getting the building ready to occupy, part of CC’s responsibilities were to complete the interior build-out with custom finishing, a fabricated metal store entry, and the showpiece of the entire project – a 80’ digitally fabricated paneled facade that wraps the corner of the building from the Canal St side down Bourbon.

DownBourbonStreet-smallThe paneled facade was fabricated at CC’s sister company Central City Millworks, a custom fab shop with CNC capabilities. The panels were cut out of exterior grade MDF and factory painted in its full service professional finishing shop. The panels were digitally fabricated into modular units to ensure smooth and precise installation, but that doesn’t mean it went out without any snags. With the expedited schedule, the facade had a narrow window to install and being in Southern Louisiana, the weather is always an unpredictable factor. Our original schedule was to install the facade on Monday and Tuesday with final touch-up Wednesday. Monday morning’s weather was beautiful and favorable and we were able to make great progress installing the pre-fabricated substrate wall.

Once secured, we started the installation of the overlay panels to produce the “fractured” look the designers created. By late afternoon the weather began to shift and the following day’s looked more troubling. With 90% rain and a cold weather forecast for Tuesday, our team had to make a decision. The consensus was made to rally and work into the night to complete the installation early and ahead of the foul weather.

A dedicated HCC craftsman working late into the night

A dedicated CC craftsman working late into the night

That level of dedication to this project is what allowed CC to complete this job successfully. Our biggest asset is our skilled workforce. With our history of doing New Orleans historic renovation work and trying new things, we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to create something for New Orleans, on one of its most historic streets, during a time when it will be in the national spotlight.