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Bi Part Sliding Pocket Doors with Simultaneous Opening & Closing

Recently, estimating a kitchen in an old Uptown New Orleans home, a client asked me to look for hardware for pocket doors.  It was not just any pocket door hardware, it was pretty specific and it took me a couple of hours to find it.  Needless to say, there were blog posts but none listed the hardware information.  I hope this information will help slice a couple of hours of searching for the next person.

The hardware was for bi-part sliding pocket doors to simultaneously open and close if one door was pushed or pulled.  The idea was to make it so you do not have to close or open one then the other.  After several calls around town, Angelo at Ricca Architectural Salvage http://www.riccasarchitecturalsales.com and Jay Seastrunk at Eskew Dumez + Ripple http://studioedr.com (coincidently found the desired hardware at the same time), handed me over to the HÄfele Hardware tomb.  http://www.hafele.com/us/

Here are the HÄfele specifications:


Top Hung System HAWA – Symmetric 80/Z

  1. for bi-parting sliding wood doors
  2. smooth quiet operation
  3. rattle free bottom glide
  4. simultaneous opening and closing of bi-parting sliding doors
  5. special two way suspension
  6. vertically and laterally adjustable
  7. door stop with adjustable retention spring
  8. maximum door weight per leaf 176lbs or 80kg
  9. minimum door thickness 1” or 26mm