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A Brief Explanation of Insulation R Value

The R Value is a measurement of thermal resistance or in plain English – the higher the R-value is on the insulation you are buying the warmer you will be.

Image from Hannant Property Assessments

In addition to the above, the thicker the insulation the higher the R Value will be.  The R Value describes heat being transferred in three ways: conduction, radiation and convection.

Please Note:

  • The manufacturer’s R Value only applies to properly installed insulation, so please read the directions!
  • The R Value weakens in time.
  • Compressed insulation will not give its full R Value

R Values apply to:

  • Insulation for walls, floors, roof (foam, batt, cellulose, sound baord etc)
  • Windows
  • Thinsulate for clothing and sleeping bags
  • Concrete
  • Glass for Windows
  • And more

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